We look forward to building support for the Vintage Hydroplanes and to work with children from grades 2-12 on a "hands-on" opportunity. We look forward to educating everyone who wants to learn about the history, the planning, the building and the running of hydroplanes.  We welcome everyone to participate.

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Miss Madison: Students get a look under the hood
                                                ~ Madison Courier 04/19/14

O.V.V.H.A. has partnered with Ha Learning Strategies, Inc.
 to teach students the history, planning, building and running of hydroplanes.

Project-Based Learning with Rocket Powered Model Hydroplanes.

Through the Project Hydroplanes Racing Program (PHRP) of Ha Learning Strategies, teachers instruct their students utilizing fun teaching methods.  This is because their use of effective behavior management strategies enhances their development of effective social skills lesson planning.  By combining these approaches, teachers exhibit a higher sense of self-efficacy and are able to conduct lesson planning with a greater level of creativity.  As examples, math lesson planning is more focused because students are learning through the development of their hydroplanes.  They become more self-confident with science, because their teachers are able to focus science lesson planning to compliment their literacy lesson planning around hydroplane design and construction.  In all, students and teachers benefit from this unique strategy of integrating math, science, and literacy.

Ha Learning Strategies, Inc.

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